I have a few friends who get confused when I talk because I make up my own words and meanings for situations I encounter when I think there is a deficit in the English language (or I feel like it). This page has my Dictionary of Whimsy. That way, more people may understand me. Or not.

Attached Aunt: Person, male or female who tries to make their single friends go on heaps of dates, gives them advice when they are single.

Danceclick: A dance that just works

Failtogol: Situation where you walk away from attempting to do something that you want to do and you make a goal to do that thing as a result.

Frezzled: To be cold to the point of a suboptimal headspace

Fridge Tetris: Act of attempting to fit all things that need to be refrigerated in all the available refrigerator space.

Funzies: Where something has to be done that is annoying, so a person sarcastically say this word to take the sting away from the activity.

IMP: Intimate Male Presence, where the relationship has not been defined

Negative Over-extrapolation: taking one negative aspect of something and applying it to everything

Umbrellable: Rain that can co-exist with umbrellas

Unumbrellable: Rain that cannot co-exist with umbrellas

Wummer: Wellington summer