(1) Discovering and eating lots of new foods. Spinach and silverbeet are quite lovely. Chia is beautiful, vanillary and sweet. Quinoa is easy to prepare and very delicious. I somehow made an amazing gluten free pasta thing with a tomato sauce. It was better than a lot of Italian restaurants, at least to my tastebuds,

(2) Vogels Cafe Style Muesli is completely amazing. I love it so much.

(3) I can still eat cheese. I love cheese.

(4) It seems when I eat out, the FODMAP foods try to dominate the menu. But once you have a list of what you can eat, it is not actually that hard to make delicious meals.

(5) I have to be extra prepared, so I am eating better. An egg there. A corn thin there, a salad there. It takes planning with a diet like the FODMAP one. I am spending less on food, but eating more quality. Less lollies. My body does workouts most days to stave the chronic pain off. I am fueling it better.

(6) When I am lazy, there is Ti Kouka in Wellington town which has a low FODMAP menu. You know the time when you have a food allergy and are able to eat two items on the menu if you are lucky? Well, this place has a whole menu. Crepes a Go Go have some low FODMAP options. Sushi is also possible.

(7) Fruit and vegetable markets have all the food I need to have a yummy food experience. There were strawberries at market last week for $2.50 a punnet. This was exquisitely exciting because I am allowed to eat strawberries.

(8) I am drinking less coffee. Black coffee is nowhere near as good, and Soy milk is ok, but not as good as my adored flat white.

(9) I have an excuse to cut out some foods I have never liked: onions, asparagus, brussel sprouts. I can now say that this is legitimately on dietitian advice.

(10) It is actually working in some. I have not had a throbby tummy cramp for days.