I have had many niggles over the years, and pains, and cracky bones. I have had more body-wellness-helpers* than I have had boyfriends. And no, I am not 80, nor am I am elite athlete, nor do I have a body that should make this be a thing.

It has taken me years to work out why, and even longer to work out how to fix it. The main reason for this is that many body-wellness-helpers have looked at the site of injury instead of looking at my whole body, working out where the movement pattern behind the injury came from and helping me with that.

I have had a physio telling me that I had an issue with my back, and I needed to work out what it was. I am not qualified! I have been told that there is no logical reason for my pain, and that it was a function of my nerve endings, and nothing else. I disagree. (I am not well qualified to disagree, but I do anyway).

I have also had some well qualified people who have told me what is wrong, even if their treatment has not helped. This has assisted me with finding people who would help. I have had people who have given me exercises, bits of tape and other wonderful interventions which have helped A LOT. Some of the people who have helped have no qualifications. One of the people who has helped the most teaches me pilates.

I am very happy with my trajectory now. I am working out, improving my body, and having less and less pain all the time. I wish that someone could have told me what was wrong earlier. This is where this part of my blog comes in. I want to talk about my problems. If others have the same issues, and this helps one person in any way, I will have achieved what I want to achieve. This is all from my point of view as a patient.

I am not a medical person. I am not a professional. If anyone reading this blog injures themselves, or even needs help with similar issues, I encourage them to look for a professional who can help them. Don’t just read my blog.

I have called this part of my blog fitter. I do not want to focus on how injured I have been, or how painful it has been. I want to focus on the solution, which is getting fitter.

* Physiotherapists (manipulative, exercise, and others), Oestopaths, Chiropractors**,  a podiatrist, occupational therapists, a posture specialist, and massage people.

** I would like to say that I did not go to these, or get help from them, because some of the tenants of Chiro trouble me. But I have to say that there was one Chiropractor 15 kilos heavier than me who could make my thoracic spine get mobility when others failed. She could also crack my back, when another body-wellness-helper who was double my weight failed.