Flogic, Verb+Noan

  1. Fuck Logic or F*** Logic, but in one handy word which most people do not understand, so they can’t scold you for swearing.
  2. Basic premise where a feeling or impulse may not have logic, or be awfully useful, but needs to be dealt with somehow.
  3. Phrase uttered before a person does something that is logically a terrible idea. Something like eating foods that sicken you, or spending heaps of money on a useless pretty thing, or cheating on a partner, or being a dick, or calling a dick.
  4. Phrase uttered situation when one is very upset, or angry, or emotional in another annoying way that is incredibly frustrating. These emotions do not improve the situation or experience, but need to be dealt with, or else the become festering emotional ogres.


My sister is in hospital, and I know crying will not make her better, but flogic, I will cry.

I should not buy that dress, but flogic, I will because it has sequins!


There is a thing called alexithymia which means severe inability to deal with feelings. Feelings can hurt. Suppressing them will hurt more in the long run because the act of suppressing them means you cannot feel the good ones, and they say it can make depression, and erratic behaviour too. Deciding to put logic above feelings is neurologically unsound as well, because the feeling bit of the brain actually starts working after the logic bit. So being over logical is neurologically illogical.