December 2014

Dictionary of Whimsy: Wummer

Wummer, noan

(1) Wellington Summer*

(2) Weather in Wellington that is fine with little winds or light winds, little cloud or no cloud, and a temperature over 15 degrees celsius. This weather normally lasts for a few days, but may only last for a few hours, or even sometimes last for a week or two. During this weather pattern, people have been known to wear sunhats, and sunscreen and short skirts. Generally, this weather pattern encourages Wellingtonians to congregate on the waterfront and eat ice cream.

(3) Weather that goes from fine and sunny to cold, windy in wet in a short amount of time during December, January and February. Technically, these months are summer, but in reality, they may consist of weather from any season, and may completely be dominated by cloud, mists and rain.

* These two words are potentially an oxymoron


Failtogol, noan

1. Situation where you walk away from attempting to do something that you want to do and you make a goal to do that thing as a result.

2. Situation during a workout where it is simply not possible to do what you want to do. Your muscles* just say no**, and you become determined to do it next time, or sometime***.

3. Process of turning failures, or inability to do things, into a positive striving sentiment.

* Usually glutes

** turn into jelly and fall into a puddle on the floor

*** well maybe next year…

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