Dear Orthotic,

When I was first told that my posture sucked, the messenger thought that my feet were the cause, and that I would need you. The feet are the basis of how you stand, he said, or something like that. I have been told that so many people since. I think that this is rubbish, and my podiatrist agrees with me. It is not the feet, she says.The cause is always above the feet.

I first went to the podiatrist soon after being told that my posture sucked.Within a few weeks, you reached my arms all new and without footprints. Now you look like this:


All of my shoes were purchased to fit you, which meant that my shoes became rather dull, apart from the ones that were PINK. I spent many months without wearing real dance shoes, which are not compatible with you.  You were placed in my shoes to assist with patellofemoral syndrome in my knee and sinus tarsi syndrome in my ankle.

You did a great job with the knee, not so much with the ankle.  My right foot was pronated, or flat. The arch liked to kiss the ground, and you stopped it, and kept my knee from hurting. I appreciate this very much.

You did not really solve the problem though. The problem was my crap posture, and weaknesses in the muscles in my legs and bum. The diagnoses above were only one part of this problem, which is a body wide issue. The cures are many and ongoing – my constant life work: getting fitter, making muscles stronger.

Yet sometimes, I reach a milestone, and become utterly proud of myself. Today is one of those days. I have realised that you are surplus to requirements. I am done with you, it is over.

It is not you, it is me. My muscles are stronger and they can hold my foot up much better, and I do not need you anymore.  In fact, when I wear you, I get a slightly sore peroneal tendon, which means that you are over correcting. Dear orthotic, I do not have time for negging.

We are finished, Thanks for holding my arch up, thanks for everything. But I can do it myself now. It is a skill most people take forgranted. But it is actually hard to acquire when bad posture and gait is the norm.

With Adiosic* Love  

The Whimsical Lady    

*Definition coming