April 2014

Sunset on Petone foreshore

I have scheduled most of my year up to September this year. The only consistently free day is Saturday, and even many of my Saturdays are clogged up with things to do. I am intimidated, but I am not complaining. I love my life, and being constantly in motion. But I need to sometimes rest and enjoy myself, and do nothing. I was late to dancing once, and I was stressed – so I had to start off with the 20:00 class instead of the 19:00 class. I looked over at the Petone foreshore and stood on the beach for 20 minutes. The sunset was stunning and I felt relaxed. I need to make ensure that this year has some of these moments as well. Burnout is not an option.

Boats at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

I took many photos, even though my sister told me that I looked too much like a tourist. I love her because she calls me out on social peculiarities like this. She taught me to smile more when I was a young serious child. When she was a baby, she was always grinning, even when she had food all over her face, or was sick with a cold. We went to a Thai restaurant that she found on some website. I was worried when all the food had meat, because she is a vegetarian. But she was not worried – and just asked for a Vegetarian Pad Thai – which they were able to make despite it not being on the menu.

So, it looks like I am blogging again. I have made many attempts at blogging before – which have often ended with abandonment. This time, I want to stick with it for a while longer, because clearly, I have things to write about. This post was not planned and yet it seems to have happened.

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